Karebear playland in Brampton over book their facility and even allow public patrons to enter while you are having your party! Unacceptable for the amount of money they charge.

They charge over $200 for a 10 kids or less party (pizza NOT included) and it's not private! I do not think they will be in business long with that approach, and when questioned the owner simply said 'oh sorry I must have forgot to mention that it's not private and I can't just kick people out' ...

It is a nice place for drop in play, but NOT for parties, and to top it off the pizza was late, cold, and over cooked. Again not worth the price.

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Brampton, Ontario, Canada #807316

Great Place!! Would highly recommend this place to all parents

Brampton, Ontario, Canada #788146

Wonderful place, took my daughter and son yesturaday and they loved it. All i keep hearing today is "When we going back to Karebear" i would recomond this place to all parents.

Its nice and clean! I will forsure come back:).

Brampton, Ontario, Canada #784867

Great place to spend an evening out with your children!! Very Clean

Brampton, Ontario, Canada #768893

Wonderful place to spend a day with you children. It is safe you know were your child is at all times.

Also very clean and safe for all ages. You will enjoy it!!

Brampton, Ontario, Canada #750752

A mother of 4 children had my child's first birthday at Karebear Playland on Saturday November 30th 2013, was a wonderful experience yes the place was full with children and adults. The staff had informed us before booking that there may be more then 1 party going on at the same time. The children seemed to have a blast and every person from our party loved this place. If people do not like crowed places you should just keep your children at home. Children need to interact with other children; all play places are the same. As everyone should know PEOPLE DO BITHDAY PATIES ON THE WEEKEND.

It’s clean which is the number one thing for parents and children. Staff helps you set up the rooms and they clean up after you, which is wonderful, some play places charge the same amount of money and you have to CLEAN THE ROOM BEFORE LEAVING. Will be booking my next child's birthday in March!!

I would recommend this to everyone!!! Had a great party LOVED IT!!

to Anonymous #755109

I feel like this is the same person everytime, which is funny to me. As soon as a negative comment is left a new overly positive one is posted only days after :) kinda silly but amusing.

This site is called pissed consumers, not 'a wonderful experience!' lol anyway this is my last post cause its getting ridiculous, but I just had to say this it's quite fishy that you guys keep comin up with new made up happy experiences to write. Take care.

to Anonymous #755111

And as for the 'keep your kid at home' comment I will bring my child wherever I darn well please!!! And if I'm paying for it, it better be what I pay for, cause every cent counts and if you're a mother of 4 then you should know better.

Ontario, California, United States #747433

I just had my son’s 2nd birthday party there on Nov 24/13. The staff was extremely helpful and accommodating. Guests had a blast and my son absolutely loved it.

I have read other reviews on this place before booking and so had my hesitations, however, our party turned out great. The place is clean, staff is nice, actual play centre is amazing. Half the time my kid was on the top level and could barely see him or have him stand still for my than 3 seconds to take a picture. They also have this enclosed interactive floor that kids were going nuts over…haven’t seen that at any other play centre.

If ppl want a private party, then you should ask for one. There were a few kids for drop in play who actually ended up joining my son’s party because they saw all my guests in our room…ah, more the merrier! I had my party from 10 am to 12 pm, which I think was perfect as I was the only party. Two more parties came in at 12…even then it didn’t seem too crowded. I have been to many play centres – this one suits all ages…small kids don’t get run over, infant area is great, big kids climb to the top…

Yes, I would recommend this place. I am also certain that a lot of my guests will be having their children’s parties there as well.

to Rrajbelo Brampton, Ontario, Canada #750033

Glad you had a good experience as it is about the kids having fun and socializing. My issue was that the place was extremely crowded for my sons bday and it's not always 'the more the merrier' when you're spending lots of hard earned money!

And for the comment about if 'ppl wanted a private party, should have asked for one.' This is true, however that information should be disclosed to customers, as well as on the website (which it is not). Furthermore, there was a party going on right in the front where the tables are and they were all eating their cake and food and only had to pay drop in prices.

So that family got away with paying $5 per child while the rest of us had to pay full price of $200 or more. Bad business ethics in my opinion.

Brampton, Ontario, Canada #742054

I think a lot of these overly positive comments are BS and written by the owners and their families :( really sad and a desperate approach to save face.

You guys NEED to change your party policies, and again I and many people I know will not be back to that place.


My family attended a party at Karebear Playland, on November 10th, 2013. I loved it & so did both my son and daughter.

After, attending this party, we did a drop-in play, and both my children had a wonderful time. This place is clean, and wonderful to bring your children to play at. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT to all parents.

Your children will have an amazing time, and you will also have a wonderful time watching them play. :)

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #739739

I took my kids for drop in play today, they had a tons of fun! you guys are amazing keep up the great work :)

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #739736

My child had her birthday party few days ago and her friends and her family and her self had an amazing time. I do recommend this place its so clean the staff is so nice.

The pizza tasted amazing. I would love to do another party here.


Karebear Playland is a great place my children have a blast whenever they go there. The staff is very friendly and kind.

I would highly recommend this place to all families.



Horrible place,my son caught a viral infection from this place, I doubt they wipe down the play place, never would go here again


I agree. I recently attended a my nieces party and the place was completely overrun - big kids pushing little ones around.

There was no supervision - even after we notified the staff.

Pizza was mediocre - nothing special especially after my sister spend over $300 on the party. WILL NOT BE COMING BACK

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